Quality Control

The know-how and the experience the company accumulated through supplying in 25 countries as a globally approved supplier to all multinationals and the best brands is the major strength for the quality departments. Utilizing the experience of having milled a total of 1.5 million tons of corn over three decades, the entire operation is diligently ran by decisions made upon solid scientific data and strict tolerance levels to ensure that the “overall customer value” is protected to the highest level.

Semolina's internal laboratory is fully equipped to perform all Physical, Chemical and Microbiological analysis required by the industry. The precision of our laboratory is tested with regular ring tests performed with accredited laboratories.

The passion for quality and food safety starts with the use of extreme diligence on the raw materials testing. The incoming corn is tested by performing 88 quality, 18 toxins and 16 microbiological analyses each day according to GAFTA sampling standards. The GMO* testing is outsourced from accredited laboratories. Having received the diligently segregated raw materials the job is to have the corn kernel meet the cutting edge technology.



The QC collects data from 87 physical and chemical quality analysis throughout the day on milling lines as well as packing batches.

The NIR equipment by Perten is the heart of Semolina quality and production control system which allows online and real time quality testing of the eight product lines and to drive the production parameters for minimized quality fluctuations within products lots and throughout the entire production.



Quality Assurance

Since the first implementation of the Quality Management System along with a HACCP and Food Safety & Hygiene Management System back in 1997, Semolina strived for continuous development of the quality management system and all the subsequent programs. Since 2007 the system is designed according to “International Food Standard” (IFS). The current “IFS Version 6, April 2014” score is %98.84 with “Higher Level” quality certification by SAI Global.

The entire operation is ran by a strict commitment to highest quality assurance standards and “Good Manufacturing Practices”. The “6 sigma approach” for “lean management “ of our operation and the “Overall Equipment Effectiveness” “(OEE) Factor” at 97% proves our commitment to continuously improve and sustain the “overall customer value”.

Our operation is proven to meet the highest social responsibility requirements.

*The food supplied is suitable for “Halal, Vegan, Vegetarian and Kosher ( Passover)” diets.